Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers training this weekend! I’m literally sad that I have to go back to my “regular” NP position and can’t just keep injecting all week, day after day! Your knowledge in this field knows no bounds and how willingly you share it to help and inspire others, especially nurses is amazing!!
The environment you offer there is so supportive for new injectors, regardless of their other background experience and intentions after training, which I think takes a special dynamic to pull together and you do it seamlessly.
Lynn was awesome to me as well in each of my model trainings! She gave me the perfect amount of assistance and feedback as we went through each hands on process. I couldn’t have asked for her to be more attentive and engaged with information and assistance than she was each day. Best of all, she rolled seamlessly with every bit of harassment I gave my models, that they fully expected from me as family, when she had just met me! ❤️
I would recommend your classes to anyone considering injecting and I look forward to being able to take the Advanced Injection I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with all of my newfound knowledge and skills 🤔

Thanks again!
Renee Stechow

We love the educational courses offered with Detroit Aesthetics Company. Kyle is a true professional and natural leader in the aesthetics industry. He always is staying ahead of latest and greatest so we can offer the most up to date services to our patients. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed. 5 Stars

Carrie Evatz, NP 

I started my aesthetics career after taking the Neurotoxin 101 and Dermal Filler 101 course offered by Kyle at Detroit Aesthetic Company. I have been working as a nurse in the hospital setting for 20 yrs., and after taking this weekend course I received the knowledge I needed to begin working in a successful aesthetic practice. I have since continued my education with private advanced injector courses taught by Kyle including advanced filler and toxin placement, PDO threads, PRP/PRF, and cannula technique. Kyle has several years of owning a successful aesthetic practice, education, and training to provide a plethora of knowledge to anyone's aesthetic career.


-Lynn B.